Properly Caring For New Leather Work Boots

If you work outdoors doing farming or landscaping, chances are you wish to keep your feet protected from unnecessary injury and weather conditions as you do your job. Most people will invest in a sturdy pair of leather work boots, as they will give the feet ample coverage with a thick material that keeps elements out while cushioning the feet to keep them safe. Taking the time to care for a new pair of leather work boots properly will ensure they last for years to come. Here are some steps to follow to help increase the life of your work boots.

Break Them In Beforehand

Before you head outdoors with your new boots, you will want to adequately break them in by wearing them inside your house for several hours a day. Do this for a week or so to help your feet get adjusted to the fit. Wearing them will help stretch the leather so it conforms to your specific foot shape, saving you from unnecessary blisters while you are working.

Clean Your Boots Regularly

To keep your boots in best condition, it is necessary to clean them when they appear to become dirty. Failing to remove dirt can lead to discolored areas and premature wear. Use a nylon brush to apply a water-based leather cleaning agent directly to the shoe. Gently brush the leather in a circular motion to remove any embedded dirt particles. Pay attention to areas with stitchery as dirt tends to gather in these areas. Add a leather conditioning agent to the boots afterwards to help keep the material from drying or cracking. This will instantly give your work boots a fresh, clean appearance.

Add Some Moisture Protection

To help keep moisture away from your feet, waterproofing your boots is necessary. Apply a water-based leather waterproofing agent to your boots. Using a water-based product is key as it does not contain petroleum which can cause the leather to stretch, making your boots less comfortable to wear as a result. Wait a few weeks and apply another coating of the waterproofing agent. This should give your new boots ample protection for several months. At the first signs of water getting inside, add another coat.

Care For The Insides

To prolong the life of your work boots, take care of the insides in addition to the part people see. Wipe down the interiors with a low pH shampoo every month or two to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and odor that may have accumulated inside. Add a sprinkle of a deodorizing foot powder before heading outside to work if you suffer from excessive perspiration when your feet become warm.

For more information, contact a work boots supplier in your area.