4 Ways That You Can Prevent Invasive Species From Killing Your Trees

Invasive species can be a major problem for trees. Insects, diseases and plants can be alien species with no natural predators. These invaders can quickly take over native vegetation, such as trees. Sometimes, the problem may be isolated, but it can quickly spread. If you suspect your trees are being killed by alien invaders, you will want to take some steps to control the problem. Here are some things that you can do to protect your trees from invasive species:

1. Use Treatments To Get Alien Invaders Under Control

There are many different types of invaders that can attack your trees. Many of these are insects like bees, beetles, and other common insects. To protect your trees, have them treated to keep the pests out. Pest control is something that you may want to do regularly to prevent insect infestations. For problems with things like bees, contact a removal service to get rid of the problem.

2. Pruning Weak Branches And Trimming To Promote Healthy Trees

Branches can be weak due to many problems, such as storms or being killed by insects. The damaged areas can expose the tree to diseases and other problems. It is a good idea to remove branches that have been weakened to help the tree heal. If you are worried about an exposed wound on the tree, it can be covered with clay or another eco-friendly sealant that will not harm the tree.

3. Removing Heavily Damaged Trees And Plants That Can Spread Problems

There are also trees that can be heavily damaged by insect infestations or disease. The damage can be spread to other healthy trees if the problem is left untreated. You may want to consider removal of trees that are dead or will not survive. This may sometimes require destroying the waste to keep the problem under control, which is sometimes required in areas with quarantine restrictions due to epidemics of invasive species.

4. Continue Treatments To Prevent Invasive Species From Coming Back

There are also many treatments that you may want to do to keep invasive species from coming back. The pest control service can do these annually or seasonally to prevent problems. If you have a bee problem, it needs to be dealt with in a different way. The bees will first need to be removed, and then the treatment can be applied to the trees. This is to prevent killing the bees with pest control treatments because bees are valuable to agriculture, your trees, and plants in your landscaping.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider to deal with invasive species killing your trees. Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove trees, but treatments can also help save them. You can contact a tree service and talk with them about how they can help treat your problems and keep your tree healthy.   

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