Distinguish Your Property Lines With Creative Landscaping

Choosing the right way to mark your property lines may come down to determining the underlying purpose of marking your territory. Depending on what you want to achieve with your border, different approaches will make the most sense.  Hire a licensed land surveyor to ensure your lines are accurate, and be sure to check for any existing easements on your property that might be considered a right of way and that shouldn't be blocked.

You may choose to mark your property lines with a fence, but be sure that you obtain a fence permit to avoid any legal repercussions or added expense. Some creative alternatives to a fence are:

Conifers. Conifers such as evergreen shrubs make excellent property borders, as they can be utilized year-round. These resilient trees thrive in a wide range of climates and are aesthetically-pleasing for your property's curb appeal.

Holly shrubs. If your goal is to prevent trespassers from crossing into your yard or land, use holly shrubs for your landscaped border. The prickly-leaves of holly will keep people, as well as some animals, away from your bordered space.

Raspberry bushes. Thorny raspberry bushes work a lot like holly in keeping out intruders, yet these fruit-bearing trees will attract wildlife, like deer. The added benefit is that you will have fresh berries to pick during mid-summer.

Mixed borders. Create a mixed border with readily-available annuals and native plants. Plant a mix of tall and short flowering plants to give the property line some definition and visual interest.

Ornamental grasses. Tall, willowy grasses are a great way to mark a property line, but they can easily be trimmed, cut, or removed as desired. If you choose native species, these will grow tall and spread, creating a defined, yet natural border to your space.

Hedges. If you want a thick border that prevents curious eyes from seeing into your space, invest in a hedge wall. It may take time to achieve the growth and density that you want, but these thrive and grow hardily in most planting zones.

Fruit trees. Fruit trees make an excellent choice for securing privacy on your property and to create a border that clearly defines your property line. Know that fruit-bearing trees have the potential of creating a mess with dropped fruit and could attract wildlife to your property.

Mark your property lines and define your territory with some of these ideas. Determine why you want to border your land, and then talk with home improvement retailers to find plants, shrubs, and seeds to create the best border for your space.