3 Uses To Consider For Adding Rain Harvesting To Your New Gutters

Adding gutters to your home can be a great way to protect your foundation. When you have gutters installed, this is also a good opportunity to add rain harvesting to your home, which will give you water to use for different tasks or even for drinking. It may be difficult to decide how you want to use the water that you get from rain collection. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider for your rain harvesting system:

1. Using Your Rain Water For Green Lawn Irrigation

One of the simplest solutions for using rain water is irrigation. You can have the water go directly into tanks that have drip irrigation hoses for a simple gravity fed solution. If you want to use the rain harvesting for conventional sprinklers, you will need a couple of additional features. You may want to add a small filter and a low voltage pump to give the irrigation system enough pressure to power sprinklers.

2. Use Rain Water For Non-Potable Uses In The Home

Rain water can also be used for non-potable uses around your home. In addition to irrigation, it can be used for tasks like pressure washing and outdoor cleaning. Inside your home, the water can be used for things like flushing toilets. If you use the water for indoor uses, you may want to have it go through a simple sand filter before it is used in your home. For a DIY filter, you can use a small pool sand filter for above ground pools.

3. Add A Filtration System To Rain Collection For Potable Water

Filtration can also be a good way to use water for potable uses. For clean drinking water, you will want to process and filter the water better. You may want to have systems to keep debris out of the water and a sand filter to help clean it. Inside your home, you can use a water purification system to completely treat the water to make sure it is safe. If you use rain harvesting for potable water, it is a good idea to treat the tanks occasionally for bacteria and other organisms that can grow in the water.

These are some of the uses that you may want to consider for your rain water collection system. If you are ready to install a rain collection system for your home, contact a well pump service and talk with them about pumps, filters and other features you will need for your system.

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