Care For An Apple Tree That Is Infested With Beetles

If a small apple tree on your property has been infested with beetles and contains brown leaves and wilted branches, eliminate the pests and bring the tree back to health by completing the project below.


  • neem oil
  • spray bottle
  • insecticide injection kit
  • power drill
  • funnel
  • roll of duct tape
  • scissors
  • ladder
  • pruning shears (designed for vines or fruit trees)
  • garden gloves
  • garden hose

Administer An Insecticide

Pour neem oil into a spray bottle. Apply the oil to the tree's trunk and each branch that contains beetles. Neem oil is a natural product that comes from neem trees. It will not cause harm to you or your tree and will not emit an unpleasant odor. It will, however, kill beetles and discourage new ones from feeding off of the apple tree. If the beetle infestation is severe, injecting the base of the tree with an insecticide can be helpful. An insecticide will be absorbed through the tree's trunk and dispersed through each branch.

Follow the instructions that are enclosed with the insecticide kit that you purchase. Most products require that you create small holes in the bottom of the tree's trunk with a power drill. After doing so, place a funnel in each hole and pour insecticide into it. Once the holes are full, place strips of duct tape over them to prevent the insecticide from spilling out. Once the insecticide has been absorbed, remove the pieces of tape.

Prune Branches And Water The Tree

Use pruning shears that are designed for use on vines or fruit trees to remove dead branches or brown leaves. Visually inspect the tree before using the shears to determine which parts you would like to eliminate. Set up a ladder near the tree if you are going to be trimming sections that are not within your reach.

Cut down into the top of branches and then place the shears underneath each branch and cut into the bottom portion of the wood. Do not yank on any parts that are being removed. Instead, continue clipping each branch or leaf with pruning shears until they all can easily be removed. Once you are satisfied with the amount of trimming that was completed, use a garden hose to add plenty of water to the base of the tree.

Maintain the tree's health by making sure that it receives enough water on a regular basis. Soon, your apple tree will show signs of improvement and will continue to thrive. For more information, contact companies that sell pruning supplies.