Distinguish Your Property Lines With Creative Landscaping

Choosing the right way to mark your property lines may come down to determining the underlying purpose of marking your territory. Depending on what you want to achieve with your border, different approaches will make the most sense.  Hire a licensed land surveyor to ensure your lines are accurate, and be sure to check for any existing easements on your property that might be considered a right of way and that shouldn't be blocked. Read More 

Considering Using Grain Bags For Extra Storage? A Few Tips To Keep Your Harvest From Spoiling

When you have a harvest so big you do not have enough room in the grain bins, you need to find a way to store it so that it does not spoil or go to waste. One way to handle the situation is to use a grain bagger and leave the bags out in the field. When there is a surplus of grain, the prices go down, often because the farmers do not have the storage space for it all. Read More 

4 Ways That You Can Prevent Invasive Species From Killing Your Trees

Invasive species can be a major problem for trees. Insects, diseases and plants can be alien species with no natural predators. These invaders can quickly take over native vegetation, such as trees. Sometimes, the problem may be isolated, but it can quickly spread. If you suspect your trees are being killed by alien invaders, you will want to take some steps to control the problem. Here are some things that you can do to protect your trees from invasive species: Read More 

Unique Ideas For Your Flower Pots

The addition of flowers, colorful pots, lighting and fountains can all add a little something special to an otherwise boring backyard. You can add plants in flower pots, or regular lighting, or you can do something else and make your very own one of a kind creation using these same items. See below for some ideas to help you think outside of the "pot". 1. Flower Pot Tower Materials Needed: Read More 

Properly Caring For New Leather Work Boots

If you work outdoors doing farming or landscaping, chances are you wish to keep your feet protected from unnecessary injury and weather conditions as you do your job. Most people will invest in a sturdy pair of leather work boots, as they will give the feet ample coverage with a thick material that keeps elements out while cushioning the feet to keep them safe. Taking the time to care for a new pair of leather work boots properly will ensure they last for years to come. Read More